Family Recovery Saturday Workshops

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Family Recovery workshops aim to improve communication, reduce family conflict and support the whole family’s movement towards recovery.

Research shows that both the person with an addiction and their family benefit when the family participates in a family program.

This family program is held in convenient half-day workshop sessions. The workshops are effective, using research-proven elements of Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), a counseling method for people who love someone with drug and alcohol problems. It is a positive and respectful approach that focuses on solutions and understanding instead of blame or “tough love.”

Two half-day workshops are offered: “Communication & Boundaries” and “Behavior Basics.”  Attend one or both, in any order! The cost is $125 per person or $175 for two people attending together, a sliding scale is available. For more details and to register, download the enrollment form.

Already read about CRAFT in the books “Beyond Addiction” or “Get Your Loved One Sober”? Great! Come get support putting principles into action.

Communication and Boundaries

This workshop teaches the CRAFT positive communication strategy and helps you to learn to observe your limits and communicate clear yet flexible boundaries. Next date: September 16, 2017

Behavior Basics

This workshop covers how motivation and influence works. Learn how to see and map the invisible parts of behavior, how to reinforce healthy choices and use natural consequences instead of punishment. Next date: October 28, 2017

Treatment navigation

This workshop teaches you to cut through marketing clutter to expertly navigate the confusing world of detox, outpatient, inpatient and medication for substance use problems. Be ready to help when they are ready for treatment. Next date: TDB (email me to inquire)

“Lara’s well informed compassionate approach creates a climate of safety that promotes growth and change.” – workshop participant

“This workshop left me feeling empowered and more calm about the challenges I face daily living with an addict. Lara provides a safe, calm and realistic approach to life with addiction.” – workshop participant

“This workshop was both informative and practical. I have a child struggling with addiction and also work in social services providing support to other parents on this journey. Although I have read several books and attended other workshops on this topic I still found this workshop very valuable. Lara presented concepts and ideas that I could begin using immediately. Her ability to interact with the parents in a non-judgmental, compassionate and caring way allowed for great group discussion.” – workshop participant

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